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Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Located on the eastern side of Little Tobago this dive is reserved for more expert divers.

It is exposed to the swells of the Atlantic Ocean and its depth begins at 80 feet then exceeds recreational limits. Made up mostly of rock and stones, it makes a very good rugged site with swim-throughs and caverns.

The dive begins alongside a massive wall and heading north, divers descend alongside it to have a reference of depth. At 110 feet, not many creatures can be seen at first, as the wall has few places for them to seek shelter but as the sea floor appears at 125 feet, the site's residents them become visible.

There are dozens of queen conches on the sea floor, spiny lobsters under rocks and stonefish perfectly camouflaged, lying very still, waiting to ambush their prey.

At 85 feet, a stony clearing is found leading into a cave where huge cubera snappers reside. On entering the cave, just as the light fades, a huge school of glassy sweeper can be seen, moving in synch with each other as they keep a safe distance away from the divers.

Turning around and exiting the cave, continue north where two massive boulders at 65 feet can be found on the left. They give the appearance of a deep canyon hence the name of the site.

There is a resident 8-foot benthic nurse shark that can sometimes be seen free-swimming Pelagic fish such as horse-eye jacks are seen on this site as well.

The dive site ends next to a wall on the left, at 20 feet where a variety of juvenile fish often hang out. Schools of bug-eye scads gather closely just below the whitewash of the breaking waves.


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