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Black Jack Hole
Black Jack Hole

Situated to the southeastern side of Little Tobago, this dive site gets its name from the numerous black jacks.

They are seen here from the months of May to July.

Black Jack Hole is a diverse site made up of a wide variety of soft corals, fish and other marine life.

Following the current in a southerly direction, the slope reveals the different coral formations, offering stunning visibility that extends to about 100 feet.

Enormous elephant ear sponges, lengthy yellow tube sponges and a wide variety of rope sponges adorn the reef.

Black Jack Hole teems with marine life. A frequent visitor to this dive site is the spotted eagle ray. Look for them hanging in the current lines at around 60 feet. They are usually seen in a pair at this site, which isn't common, as they are normally solitary animas.

Green morays are also abundant here, often hunting away from their lairs. Porcupinefish, schools of yellowfin snapper frequent this dive site as well, hustling and bustling in and around the coral formations. As you approach the safety stop, some resident Caribbean reef squid are common towards the end of the dive.

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