Parlatuvier Bay
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Tde Special
Tde Special

This site comprises a group of rocks located on the southern end of Little Tobago.

It is reserved for the intermediate to advanced divers.

This steeply sloping reef is covered by barrel sponges, large sea fans, small brain coral, sea plumes and a large variety of sea sprays. 

Beginning at the southern end of the rock, divers circumnavigate in a counter clockwise direction. At 115 feet, enormous black coral colonies can be found as well as flameback angelfish and cherubfish.

Heading west, through a gap in the wall at 50 feet, some sharp nose puffers reside. Just below them at a depth of 80 feet, there is a cavern where nurse sharks, measuring as much as 10 feet, can be seen resting.

There are large tarpons that hang out close to the surface and sometimes venture close to divers. Huge hawksbill turtles can often be seen lying on the reef or sometimes foraging on the soft barrel sponge.

Schools of Creole wrasse, Creolefish, French grunts, grey and blue chromis survey the reef together with the occasional barracuda.

Very large mutton snappers can be observed on the wall close to the surface. Giant green morays peer out beneath the large rocks that make perfect homes for spiny lobsters.

Large crevalle and horse eye jacks swim up to the surface from the deep swirl around divers and then descend back into the deep. It is not uncommon to see eagle rays, nurse sharks and black tip reef sharks during the dive.

True to its name, this is indeed a "special" dive.


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