Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch

Located south of Goat Island, the name for this site is derived from the two large rocks.

The rocks have a large vertical gap between them that gives the appearance of bookends.

This is one of the more popular dive sites when conditions are good. 

Bookends begins on the western side of an outcropping that is exposed to the swells of the Atlantic. This sloping reef has a maximum depth of 130 feet.

Descending to 60 feet, the dive heads in a northerly direction where cherubfish and flameback angelfish are found sharing the reef with thousands of bicolour damselfish.

Continue northward with the flow of the current until reaching an overhang on the right then head northeast over a rock and into a huge, bowl-like indentation in the reef at 50 feet. This is called the Tarpon Bowl. Schools of tarpon congregate here to feed on the bigeye scad sheltering in the breaking wave just above the bowl.

Moving along, there is an area at 40 feet where the hawksbill turtles pass by. Here they can be seen resting on the slope or noshing on their favourite food - yellow tube sponges.

Huge schools of Creole wrasse migrate through this site as well, creating a collage of colours. Look for an aggregation of black durgons as you approach the end of the dive. 


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