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The Alps
The Alps

The Alps is situated south of Little Tobago and about ten minutes by boat. The base of spectacular pinnacles starts at 130 feet.

The base of spectacular pinnacles starts at 130 feet. The Alps being one of the least-dived sites in Speyside, offers more variety of fish and coral. It consists of four pinnacles that can only be visited when the conditions are perfect. Located far out at sea and ravaged by swells and currents from the Atlantic Ocean, it is an ideal challenge for the experienced diver.

On descending, encrusted corals-ruby reds and violet purples of their many shapes and sizes - can be seen everywhere. Resident in The Alps, are the rare cherubfish and flameback angelfish, with their outstanding electric-blue bodies and yellow faces. They live among the thousands of bicolour damselfish that scurry about, feeding in the currents just a few inches out of their homes.

Huge schools of jacks circles the outskirts of the pinnacles. This sites also has a large population of spiny lobsters.

Circumnavigating The Alps, more of its beauty is unfolded: stunning yellow tube sponges, encrusting brain corals and barrel sponges standing majestically, providing shelter for banded coral shrimp and brittle stars.

Midway through this dive, at 45 feet, there is a hole carved in the rock measuring just 5 feet wide by 18 feet long that makes a fantastic swim-through. It is at a 45-degree angle to the surface.

There are spiny lobster, blackbar soldierfish, broadsaddle cardinalfish and banded coral shrimp within this hole.

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