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Coral Gardens
Coral Gardens

The highlight of this dive is the sight of the largest boulder brain coral in the Caribbean measuring 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

Coral Gardens is a gently sloping reef located on the southwestern tip of Little Tobago, the dive begins at 30 feet and heads in a northwest direction.

The reef is covered with a forest of gorgonians including giant slit-pore sea rods, black sea rods, porous sea rods and large colonies of sea plumes. There are several species of stony corals including starlet coral, maze coral, small boulder brain coral and honeycomb plate coral.

Fish life includes massive schools of French and bluestriped grunts, Creole wrasse, blue and grey chromis, Spanish grunts, porkfish, and black margate under overhangs.

The continuous current makes this a great drift dive, passing large shoals of cottonwick, mutton and cubera snapper.

The magnificent brain coral is located towards the end of this dive. Look under it for large nurse sharks.

From here on, the current picks up and heads in a northerly direction passing over very small yellow tube sponges, sea fans and fire corals while the reef abounds with parrotfish and queen angelfish.

Veer left and the dive ends in a calm, shallow bay after passing over a large boulder where nurse sharks seek refuge beneath the overhangs.


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