Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch

A dive site ideal for the beginner as well the most experienced, Cathedral is located at the southwestern end of little Tobago.

Sheltered from the raging Atlantic, Cathedral can commence at different depths since it has two slopes - one begins at 15 feet and the other at 32 feet.

For the newly certified open-water diver, begin at 15 feet and then slowly make your way down the slope. The more experienced diver can explore a nearby large coral outcropping at 75 feet.

Moving northward, there is a wide sand channel where the rare giraffe garden eels can be found. Lying motionlessly in the sand, perfect camouflaged, are peacock flounders. Green morays also frequent this site, with their slender bodies penetrating every nook and cranny of this extraordinary dive site.

Further along the dive site, its name becomes a reality with step coral plates towering the slopes, making formations like a great cathedral. These are inhabited by the spotted spiny lobster, and fairy basslets, perched upside down in their balconies, with a view of the vast blue ocean.

Not too far away, in the same direction, there is another sandy area where a huge coral formation, broken off over time from the slope, sits solitary, giving home to a school of sergeant major. The dive then ends at the last outcropping of step plate corals, just a few feet away.


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