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Flying Manta
Flying Manta

Beginning where Cathedral ends on the western side of Little Tobago, Flying Manta is an ideal site for divers of an intermediate or advanced experience.

Its topography made up mostly of sloping reef, with soft and encrusting corals and a maximum depth of 130 feet. 

Heading north, schools of barracuda of different sizes congregate, some even buddy up with divers. Within the soft corals, tiger groupers are well-camouflaged.

Sea fans, some with flamingo tongues on them, some with fire corals at the base, also thrive here. Further down, almost midway, there are fallen-off rocks, where stoplight parrotfish visit to chomp off pieces of the soft coral. 

Heading northeast, to get out of the current's flow, divers then travel through a channel. Sticking with an eastern course, expect to pass over rock formations with spiny lobsters sheltering under them, what is called the Manta Bowl, where a wider variety of nudi branch and sea slugs can be found.

At the end of the dive, there is a single large rock covered with orange cup corals, small yellow tube sponges, and a variety of encrusting sponges. 

Lettuce sea slugs, juvenile yellow tail damselfish, sergeant major and dozens of red space lip blennies make their home at the top of the rock. Look for bluebar jawfish in the sand. 


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