Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch

One of the most advanced dive sites in Speyside, suited to divers with lots of experience especially with strong swells.

This is because the Atlantic comes raging in with 15-foot swells, making the drop-site a challenging one.  A quick descent is essential of rough days. 

The dive site begins at the northern point of Little Tobago, less than a five-minute boat journey from the dock.  As you enter the water you descend into a stony bottom at 20 feet, where you can find some schools of yellowhead jaw fish feeding in the currents.

As the dive progresses northwest around a rock formation, some resident cubera snapper can be seen just briefly before retreating. The depth there then plummets to 150 feet so vigilant monitoring of your gauge or computer ids crucial. Passing alongside the wall, keep a watchful eye as eagle rays frequent along the current lines. 

Anita is not a frequently visited site, so the size of the inhabitants can vary in comparison to others with more traffic. For example, the nurse sharks in this side of the island, can get up to 13 feet-larger than on the most dived sites, where they measure up to 6 feet. One specimen that is always present but hard to notice, is the scorpion fish. They are perfectly camouflaged in the crevices of bigger rock formations looking like little stones among them. 

The end of the dive is a perfect spot, sheltered from the possible swells, with the depth at 15 feet, ideal for doing a safety stop. Here, there is an abundance of some smaller residents such as bicolour damselfish, Pederson cleaner shrimp, yellowhead jaw fish, banded butterflyfish and lettuce sea slugs.


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