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Goat Island Dream
Goat Island Dream

With its proximity to the dock, divers need to get ready the moment the captain casts off.

Situated at the southern side of Goat Island, this site offers a great challenge to the intermediate diver. 

The topography is similar to others in Speyside - sloping reef, with some parts appearing as vast sand dunes and depths begin at 30 feet. The current flows in a northeasterly direction and at times, can run with raging force or be almost non-existent.

The dive begins with a series of plate coral, forming a bowl shape. When circumnavigating the bowl, divers can marvel at the diversity of fish and coral it comprises. On the northwestern side of the area, is a ledge where a nurse shark can be frequently seen resting.

On leaving and moving in the direction of the current, expect to pass over a sand patch, which brings the main reef into contact. The seafloor then explodes with colour and the frequent site to see, is bicolour damselfish. 

Another stunning resident, is the very rare and lesser known two species of angelfish - the cherubfish and the flameback angel. Measuring only a few inches, these minute fish are extremely shy, often scuttling about the soft coral, hiding and feeding.

This area is also well populated with tiny creatures. From banded coral shrimp, to the spider-like yellowline arrow crab, co-existing in harmony with one objective - survival! As the current moves along, more of the sites colours such as ruby reds, fluorescent yellows and greens capture your every glimpse, in a panoramic rainbow.

Getting closer to the end, with water passing over a drop-off, the currents accelerate, making all the sounds of the moving stones amplify. On passing over the drop-off, a proliferation of fish is in full view, making the safety stop and colourful one. 


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