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Japanese Gardens
Japanese Gardens

Both intermediate and advanced divers can explore the most colourful dive site in Speyside.

Japanese Gardens is situated on the western end of Goat Island. Its topography is a sloping reef with soft corals, encrusting corals and sponges.

Japanese Gardens begins at just 15 feet and then slopes into the depths, exceeding recreational limits. As your eyes adjust on descent, the site comes alive, with a colour burst of activity.

Schools of pelagic fish, pass on the outskirts while, Creole wrasse overrun the sea floor, bicolour damselfish in their thousands, move in and around their burrows. Their antennae of spiny lobsters can be seen poking out of every other crevice, making a breathtaking sight.

Heading northward, more of the reefscape is revealed. Porcupinefish make their home among clusters of barrel sponges while sharknose puffers live in the soft coral. As the current increases, divers head towards two massive rocks, called the Kamikaze Cut. 

Encrusted in mostly fire coral and surrounded by rocky outcroppings, be prepared for a swift ride through them, only to meet a diversity of fish species congregating just on the outside of the Cut.

At around 30 feet, where Tokyo Drift and Japanese Gardens meet, a variety of ledges appear. Tokyo Drift is separated from Japanese Gardens by the depth of the slope and heads in the same direction but they converge after the Kamikaze Cut at 35 feet.

At times, either giant hawksbill turtles, or nurse sharks can be seen resting under the ledges. On progressing, just before the end of the site, sitting in only 30 feet, is a small brain coral. Situated in a sheltered area from the currents, brown sea horses are observed at the base of the brain coral, just before ascending into safety stop.


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