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Angel Reef
Angel Reef

Less than five minutes away from the dock, Angel Reef is a sloping reef and has a maximum depth of 100 feet.

It is situated on the northwestern side of Goat Island. 

The current runs north, the natural direction of the site. This site is known for the variety of angelfish that populate the Caribbean.

Beginning at 15 feet, it is superb for the open-water diver, with its current either mild or not present at all. Divers make their way down the slope and begin their journey north.

On the way down, they are visited by pairs of French and grey angelfish, until reaching the desired depth of 42 feet. Down here, searods grow profusely, extending their reach to the shallows. Within them, trumpet fish and white-spotted filefish, wait for the perfect time to ambush their prey. 

There are three sand channels heading north. On these beds, some queen conch can be seen and peacock flounders are camouflaged to their unsuspecting prey.

There is a mound of plate coral further along, where spotted spiny lobsters are found in pairs. Fairy basslets also hang upside down within them, displaying their red and blue bodies to the passing divers. 

A rare fish found on this site is the golden hamlet. They can be found at a depth of 50 feet on outcroppings of plate corals. Their radiant yellow can be seen from about 20 feet away, so getting close to them would be easy.

Barracuda seek refuge within some patches of sea rods as well. The current then becomes more intense toward the end of the dive. With the topography consisting of soft corals at the end, they give shelter to bicolour damselfish, striped butterflyfish and squirrelfish. Making the way around a hill, the current then subsides, in a sheltered area and the safety stop can be executed.


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