Parlatuvier Bay
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Marble Island
Marble Island

Located north of St Giles Island, Marble Island is thought of as one body of land but is actually two separate rocks.

The currents caused by the convergence of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, mean that conditions must be ideal for diving to take place safely.

Depending on the current the dive can head either north or south. Conditions must be calm in order to pass through the channel between the rock formations.

The dive begins outside the rocks at 60 feet then heads in a southwesterly direction following the steep, vertical wall that drops beyond 120 feet. Coral growth is very sparse.

As the dive continues, heading in a northeasterly direction, the reef flattens out and there are large boulders at the base of the wall that are completely covered with fire coral, giving them a golden-yellow appearance. On close inspection small blennies can be found peeping out of empty tubeworm burrows.

The reef fish on this side is plentiful. Look for flameback angelfish, palometa, permit, large parrotfish and cubera snappers. Hawksbill turtles, spotted eagle rays and tarpons are just some of the large pelagic life.


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