Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch
Booby Island
Marble Island

Calm, clear water and proximity to the dive centre, makes this reef an easy, relaxing dive with a profusion of fish and coral life. 

The reef around the island is composed mainly of large boulders inhabited by fire coral, small sea fans and encrusting gorgonian and slopes gently to the flat sandy seabed at 75 feet.

Because of the unusual rock formation, the reef has large holes where spiny lobsters, crabs and chain morays reside.

The dive starts on the southeastern end of the rock near a vertical wall that rises to the surface and continues around the eastern side then heads north.

The highlight of this dive is finding the very rare golden hamlet. This species of hamlet is seen occasionally in the eastern and northwest Caribbean but never in the southern areas, and Man O' War Bat is one of the few areas where it can be found in Tobago. Look for the shy, reclusive black brotula in cracks and crevices.

The dive continues around to the western side of the island at a depth of 30-45 feet. The huge flat boulders are covered with encrusting sponges, fire coral and small hard and soft corals.

There is the usual number of reef fish including parrotfish, groupers, schools of bigeye and angelfish.


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