Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch

Man O' War Bay at the northern tip of Tobago is sheltered from the Northeast Trade Winds providing dive sites that are free from currents and large waves.

The fishing village of Charlotteville is located here. All the dive sites are just minutes from the dive centre and are excellent for beginning divers.

St. Giles Island dive sites are done around a group of rocks located about half-mile off the northeaster tip of Tobago. Here, the Atlantic Ocean collides with the Caribbean Sea, bringing strong currents and plankton-rich water that attracts some of the largest pelagics in Tobago.


The most famous dive in Charlotteville, London Bridge is the largest in a group of three rocks and easily recognizable with its huge, natural arch that extends over the water.

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Washaroo is the local name given to the very large midnight parrotfish that is found in abundance on this dive.

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Located north of St Giles Island, Marble Island is thought of as one body of land but is actually two separate rocks.

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Calm, clear water and proximity to the dive centre, makes this reef an easy, relaxing dive with a profusion of fish and coral life. 

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This dive is actually a continuation of the Mount Irvine Wall but the coral here is quite different.

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