Parlatuvier Bay
London Arch
MT. Irvine Extension
MT. Irvine Extension

This dive is actually a continuation of the Mount Irvine Wall but the coral here is quite different.

It composed mainly of knobby sea rods, slit-pore sea rods, swollen-knob candelabrum, warty sea rods and small to medium sea fans. 

The many small brain corals are shrouded with Christmas tree worms and feather dusters. This reef is a spawning ground for many species of fish and the presence of millions of fries tend to give the water a milky appearance. 

Large black groupers and cubera snappers can often be seen in groups of three or four, feeding on the fries. 

The reef slopes slowly to a sandy seabed where southern stingrays, spiny lobsters, yellowhead jawfish and small snake eels can be seen. 

The deeper end of this reef is composed mainly of hard coral. Several small hawksbill turtles then to forage on the soft corals and green algae at the shallower end of the reef. 

There are many queen French and grey angelfish, almost all the species of parrot fish, large schools of blue and brown chromis, Creolefish and grunts. 

The numerous books and crannies conceal a variety of moray eels, fairy basslets, Cardinal fish and banded coral shrimp.


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