Parlatuvier Bay
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Kariwak Reef
Kariwak Reef

Located about 120 feet off Store Bay, the reef is easily accessed from the shore or by boat.

Starting at a depth of 10 feet, the dive proceeds in a westerly direction and can reach as deep as 50 feet. The reef slopes gently and ends on a flat, sandy seabed.

The absence of current at Kariwak Reef is an underwater photographer's delight offering an array of colour and marine life. Here, the barrel sponges are perfectly shaped and not deformed as in other sites with heavy currents. Look inside for banded coral shrimp.

A wide variety of hard and soft corals are found such as sea rods, sea plumes, sea whips, encrusting gorgonians, sea fans and fire coral. Large brain corals and mountainous star coral are often covered with Christmas tree worms and split-crown feather dusters. Fish life includes Nassau groupers, balloon fish, lizardfish, shoals of blue and grey chromis and barracuda. Under overhangs, look for large green morays and small spiny lobsters. Spotted eagle rays can often be seen gliding over the reef.

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