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Flying Reef
Flying Reef

This reef is located less than 2 miles south of the International Airport, and out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The current on this dive varies from 1 knot to as much as 3 knots. Because of the length of this reef, the dive must be done as two separate dives often referred to as lower (deeper) and upper (shallower) Flying Reef.

The dive orients west, following the direction of the current and follows along the sandy edge of the gently sloping reef. Covered mainly by octocorals including sea rods, sea fans, sea plumes, sea spray, star corals and a wide variety of sponges, the reef provides a healthy environment for the vast marine life that lives here.

Expect to find sleeping nurse sharks up to 6 feet in length under overhangs, schools of blue and grey chromis, southern sennet and the ever-present giant green morays, while hawksbill turtles can be seen foraging on the sponges.

Be sure to explore the shallow parts of this reef, as there is an enormous school of Bermuda chub that patrol the area. There is also an old anchor at 30 feet that makes an excellent photo subject.

Stingrays are often concealed at the reef's edge under the sand and can go unnoticed. Queen, French and grey angelfish are in abundance, so too are parrotfish.

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