Parlatuvier Bay
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Stingray Alley
Stingray Alley

This dive starts at the end of Flying Reef and is much deeper. The current can be quite strong at times and the visibility varies from 25-40 feet.

As the name suggests, numerous large southern stingrays are often seen gliding over the reef or buried just beneath the sand with their two large eyes peering out. Also on the sandy seabed look for lesser electric rays and Atlantic guitarfish.

Large boulders covered with sea fans, knobby sea rods, slimy sea plumes and a variety of sponges form large holes where spiny lobsters and small green turtles or hawksbill turtles often hide. Look for pelagic jacks, schools of Atlantic spadefish and southern sennets in the deep. Queen angelfish, large midnight parrotfish and glasseye snappers are common.

There is also a good chance of seeing large nurse sharks beneath the numerous overhangs. About halfway along the reef, swim over to an adjacent coral mound that's about 30 feet high and covered with large sea fans, gorgonians, small barrel sponges and yellow tube sponges. Long row-pore rope sponges intertwine with each other, forming a large mesh-like mass.


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