Parlatuvier Bay
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Diver's Dream
Diver's Dream

This dive is located about 5 miles southwest of Crown Point on Drew Shoal.

Here the current is 2-3 knots but can get to as much as 4 knots. Upon entering the water, descend directly to the bottom since it is possible to be carried away from the dive site by the surface current. Look for a plateau at around 24 feet. Descend to 33 feet and continue the dive. The visibility is usually between 45-100 feet.

There are numerous hard corals and sponges with vivid colours. Enormous barrel sponges that have been bent out of shape by the vigorous current dot the reefscape.

As you drift past large boulders that rise almost to the surface, look for Caribbean reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. Nurse sharks can be seen lying idly beneath enormous overhangs. There are thousands of grunts that cover the floor of the reef, almost like a yellow-and-blue carpet. It's common to see eagle rays in pairs or sometimes in large schools. Hawksbill turtles are a regular sight. The barracudas here can grow up to 5 feet long, are highly inquisitive and usually swim straight up to divers.

The reef is littered with Queen and French angelfish, parrotfish, green and spotted morays, hundreds of butterflyfish and  large schools of wrasse and snappers.


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