Parlatuvier Bay
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Diver's Thirst
Diver's Thirst

Situated one mile northeast of Diver's Dream, the reef system at Diver's Thirst is composed of a series of overlapping ledges.

Enormous elephant ear sponges are abundant, so too are deepwater sea fans, yellow tube sponges and a variety of gorgonians. The sheltered side consists of large misshaped barrel sponges, small octocorals, orange cup corals and large elkhorn corals.

Beneath the ledges there are several large nurse sharks, turtles, spiny lobsters and green morays. There is the occasional blacktip shark and Caribbean reef shark. Angelfish, large midnight parrotfish, Creole wrasse, damselfish, snappers and several species of groupers are the dominant reef fish at this site. An enormous shoal of goatfish and bluestriped grunts are also residents here.

The current is just as strong as in Diver's Dream and it can easily sweep you into deeper water or sometimes completely off the reef

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