Parlatuvier Bay
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Situated just south of Columbus Point, Cove is actually an extension of Flying Reef.

The current here can be very strong here at times and generally travels in a westerly direction. The reef has a steep gradient and extends to a sandy seabed. Coral life includes Venus sea fans, fire corals, warty sea rods, encrusting gorgonians and brilliant sea fingers. There are patches of finger corals, mountainous star coral and large brain corals dotting the reef. Very long Devil's whips can be found at the deeper end of the reef.

At the edge of the reef, look for large black groupers, cubera snappers and Caribbean spiny lobsters. 

On the sandy bottom, look for stingrays, peacock flounders, yellowhead jawfish and small electric rays. Spotted and green morays can be seen hiding among the myriad of hard and soft corals.

The occasional small hawksbill turtle can be seen resting on the reef. Queen angelfish and several species of parrotfish abound.


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